Blog a bye Blog a bye

20170904_071048.jpgI’m hearing “Rock a bye, Rock a bye over and again in my head. The song by Shawn Mullins to the tune of “Lullaby”. Sitting on the boat with no name I am literally but gently being rocked by the pushing of the wind and the pounding of the rain.

Christmas is over and done, and its back to business as usual. Searching out the sweet deals and treasures to be had. Some to keep and some to share with others through resale efforts., who are also seeking the sweet deal.

This day in history is monumental to me and average to some, for this is my very first posting to my very first blog….EVER

“Welcome to my Blog”

With love and appreciation to all eyes to visit here! And to those who return.

Peace ✌DebbFB_IMG_1502419751761.jpg